National V's Local Boiler Companies

National V's Local Boiler Companies

Buying a New Boiler? ...Have you considered all of these points?

When you buy a new boiler, you want one that's right for you. Plus you want to be sure it's safely installed, runs efficiently and is good value for money.

Are they Gas Safe Registered?

Probably the most important first check is that your installer is Gas Safe Registered. This shows that they meet the current gas safety standards.

Will you get Value for Money?

You also want to make sure you are being offered good value for money for an efficient new boiler. Read on to find out more.

Will you be told the Truth?

Don't believe all that you are told – for example you may be told that parts for your existing boiler are no longer available and you need to buy a new boiler. This is simply not true! This is down to the suppliers stock levels and not honestly down to part availability. It is more profitable for them if you buy a new boiler but this is not always the best option for you – so please beware!

Should you choose a National or Local supplier?

Who can you Rely On?

All boiler companies get busy - especially in winter time – but you don't want to end up at the bottom of their list. Gas safe engineers are limited, there are only so many to go around so it's really important that you consider all of the following points before you decide whether to go national or local.

How do they prioritise their jobs?

You want a company that prioritises it's jobs by urgency rather than for pure profit.

The national companies have far more engineers than your local company. But there's a downside. More engineers means greater workload and greater demand for time and attention.

As a local company, we can manage our time much easier than the nationals. Our engineers are never stretched and are often working on servicing and non-urgent work which means that they have the capacity to provide an urgent service when it is needed.

Can they manage their workload?

It is also important that the company you choose can manage it's workload.

The local company wins hands down here. If you have a problem with your boiler, that job is managed by the same engineer from beginning to end. Should another engineer need to finish the job, he will be fully briefed by the first engineer prior to your visit.

Do they keep clients properly informed and do they care about you?

The customer service you will experience will mean an awful lot to you. When you need to know what's happening with your project, you need all of the correct information and attention you require.

Staff working for national companies are just doing a job. Workloads can be high with targets and quotas to achieve – it is not as personal and caring as a local company.

You will find that with the right local company, the engineers are better motivated and care more about their clients. Especially when you consider that many local companies build their businesses mainly through client referrals.

Who has the most / best access to Spare Parts?

You might think that larger national companies have access to more spare parts. Not so. In truth... all parts come from manufacturers or resellers. You may find that certain parts are held in stock by major companies, but the parts still have to be despatched to your engineer. It's really just the same as your local company ordering from the manufacturer or a local supplier…

In fact, as a local company, we can often get parts faster than national companies because of our flexible supplier arrangements. We have freedom of choice, we can buy parts from anyone – the nationals are limited to their own stock or chosen suppliers list.

Want the Best Solution over your suppliers profit?

When replacing a boiler or buying a new one, you are faced with many choices. Should you go with the well-known national brands or choose a local engineer? Which boiler to choose? What manufacturer offers the best value? Do you go for a combination boiler or stick with a standard boiler?

“We always advise our clients on the solution that is best for them, not the one that will make us the most money”

When we come to visit you to talk about your heating system, we always send a qualified engineer – not a salesman!

Which boiler is best for me?

There are so many more factors to consider when changing your boiler, the type of central heating system currently in place being a major consideration. It is always better to get someone round to give you an estimate.

Changing a boiler isn't always as simple as just taking out the old and putting the new in its place. If you are converting from a standard gravity feed system to a combination boiler, the old storage tank will need removing for a start.

BEWARE prices quoted on some websites are just for swapping old for new and don't take in to account any conversion that may be necessary. Your visiting engineer will be able to make all of this clear.

How much will it Cost?

You may think that the Nationals would win hands down on cost because National companies have better buying power. They can buy the products cheaper and should pass on these savings to their clients – BUT THEY DON'T!

National companies have much higher running costs. Marketing budgets, staffing and administration can also be very high so their product savings get spent on resources, bonuses and expensive TV advertising rather than providing client savings.

Lower outgoings for local companies mean lower costs so they can offer their clients better deals. We are currently around £1,000-£2,000 cheaper on average for a new boiler than the national companies!

Are you eligible for any form of grant?

You may even be able to apply to a grant to help with the cost of your heating system. Please see the website below to see if you are eligible...

Energy Saving Trust Grants page »

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National V's Local Boiler Companies